Monday, 20 June 2011

My Blog

I've read so many blogs and always think to myself I should start my own but never get round to it with the job I do but I figuired that even if I have a blog I don't have to update it every day, once a week should be ok even? Well here is my attempt at a blog, I might get totally bored with it and give up after a week but it's worth a shot huh? So this 'post'(?) is about what my blog is about, but I might change my mind later on! As you may know, im a funeral director and qualified embalmer and have been for several years, God help me if I ever get sick and cant do my job anymore, im not trained in anything else! Well my blog is going to be about my daily life and stuff I get up to, a little about my work (obviously I cant tell you loads because of confidentiality), I'll also be posting about news within the funeral industry and answer ANYTHING you want to know about the industry; death, funerals, embalming, aftercare etc. I know death is a taboo subject and a lot of people daren't talk about it, something I think should be changed.

It's stupid o'clock at the moment and I've just got back from Europe after a very stressful week so wont post a lot - im tired and just spent over an hour designing the blog so need my sleep, got a big day tomorrow (more on that another time). I will tell you about my first experience with death though and how I decided to get into the business.

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