Friday, 1 July 2011


On my facebook account (which I have subsequently de-activated). Several girls have named me as a 'FAKE'. In a sense these girls are correct, the only thing fake about me are the photos of 'me'.

I AM a funeral director based in Nevada and I HAVE lost 2 children. The reason for using these fake pictures was that I do not wish to be identified and in a way wanted to make myself look more attractive, call me strange, weird, sick, but to call me fake I won't accept it. Why didn't you just use no picture then? I hear you ask? Then I would of been called a fake straight away. You know how false the internet is. Every experience I have mentioned in my blog/facebook is 100% genuine. I am not a fake, just the pictures are fake. I am nowhere near as attractive as the girl in the photos and will be removing them after I have posted this.

I will not be re-activating my facebook due to the amount of vile messages I have received from people claiming to be 'friends' and 'have better things to do with their time', if you had better things to do then would you be harrasing me all the time?!

In response to the comments, I have not 'created a fake life', or sick enough to 'fake a pregnancy and sids'. The only thing I have done wrong is take photos from another profile and claim it was me. Yes it was wrong and I hold my hands up to it. I am not asking anybody to go 'oh, I want to be friends with you now.' I don't want any of said people referenced involved in my life anymore. So, to those of you accusing eachother of being fake and wanting proof etc, BE RIGHT to question it, you don't know who is on the internet nowadays, im not saying delete everybody but just be cautious. Stop pointing the finger at innocent people who are apparently behind the 'fake' profiles, if they are sad enough to create a fake profile its up to them, why are you bothered if they don't send you nasty messages?

Be the bigger person, you are above them.

Valentina. - Yes, that is my real name, I am a real person but not that of the girl in previous pictures (now deleted.)

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